About the NCDC

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was established in the year 2011 in response to the challenges of public health emergencies and to enhance Nigeria’s preparedness and response to epidemics through prevention, detection and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Its core mandate is to detect, investigate, prevent and control diseases of national and international public health importance.


To reduce mortality and morbidity resulting from disease of public health importance, and therefore enhance the economic development of Nigeria.


To protect the health of Nigerians and ensure the health security of Nigeria through effective disease prevention and control.

Functions of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control:

1. Prevent, detect, and control diseases of public health importance.

2. Coordinate surveillance systems to collect, analyse and interpret data on diseases of public health importance.

3. Support States in responding to small outbreaks, and lead the response to large disease outbreaks.

4. Develop and maintain a network of reference and specialized laboratories.

5. Conduct, collate, synthesize and disseminate public health research to inform policy.

6. Lead Nigeria’s engagement with the international community on diseases of public health relevance